MB Milestones - Special Edition

Partner Appointment

Meissner Bolte is delighted to announce the appointment of three new partners: Verena Engstle is strengthening our growing team in Nuremberg and Florian Meyer and Jasper Werhahn will be consolidating the future of our Munich office.

Gernot Schröer and Jochen Kilchert, Partners from Nuremberg and Munich, have acknowledged the up-and-coming talents, stating: “We are again welcoming fresh expertise and new ideas to our partnership. We are looking forward to sharing and developing our professional experience in, and commitment to, the interests of our clients and law firm. All three partners began their careers and completed their studies as patent attorneys with Meissner Bolte and we are proud that they will now form an integral part of the law firm’s management and future”.

Verena Engstle, Nuremberg

M. Sc. Materials Science, German and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney

Special Fields:

Mechanics and mechanical engineering, material science, material analysis, solid-state physics and chemistry, plastics technology, process engineering, power plant technology, medical technique, automotive engineering


+49 911 21 47 25 0 | mail@nuernberg.mb.de | Profil Verena Engstle

Dr. Jasper C. Werhahn, Munich

Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Phys., German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Special fields:

Applied physics, solid state physics, physical chemistry, biomechanics, optics, laser physics, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, control engineering

+49 89 21 21 86 0 | mail@mb.de | Profile Dr. Jasper C. Werhahn

Florian Meyer, Munich

Dipl.-Ing. (computer science and engineering), German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Special Fields:

Software with emphasis on artificial intelligence, programming languages and distributed systems, mobile telecommunication technology; robotics, internet of things applications; automotive engineering; rapid prototyping and 3D printing


+49 89 21 21 86 0 | mail@mb.de | Profil Florian Meyer