A strong trade mark – as valuable as your good name

Trade mark protection guarantees your market success

The goodwill of a company is essentially rooted in its good name and the quality of goods and services it offers. Trade marks serve to protect these unique selling points, and thus to clearly define their origin.

Market law today has long since been geared not just toward protecting the traditional word mark or logo. Rather, you are being given access to another area for affording protection to individual product symbols, shapes of goods in 3D, or even slogans that get to the heart of your range of services.

Our trade mark law experts will initially provide you with strategic advice as to what you should prevent competitors from using. We show you the entire range of options for protecting trademarks and symbols, and research already existing property rights in your market environment. In so doing, we create the foundations for the successful introduction of your new product, as well as the relaunch of the existing product line.

After we have assessed and largely precluded any risks of collision with already registered trade marks, we turn our attention to trade mark applications at home and abroad. We support you in all matters relating to accompanying trade mark protection when introducing new products onto the market and the legal protection of established symbols, up to and including licensing.

Is your trade mark on shaky ground? We will defend you in nullity and infringement proceedings. And if third parties make unauthorised use of your marks and words, we will file claims for injunctive relief and damages with the courts.

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As one of Germany’s leading boutique IP law firms, we provide advice in all areas of intellectual property protection – patent, trademark, design and know-how. From the initial filing of an application, through the prosecution procedure to enforcement by litigation, our aim is to ensure that your inventions and innovation will remain what they are by nature – unique. .