Copyright exists to protect works of literature, science and art from any and all unauthorized duplication; i.e. books, essays, musical compositions, images, drawings, plans, photographs, movies, structures and works of scientific and technical nature (even data processing programs) are all subject to copyright.

The key pre-requisite for obtaining copyright protection is that the work in question is a personal, intellectual and creative effort. The author of the work has the exclusive right to benefit from their work, wherein this includes both its reproduction and exhibition. Copyright protection will not expire on a work until 70 years after the death of the author.



German legal practice has grouped together a number of different sections of law under the generic term: "media law". Media law can thus be considered to include: copyright, laws governing the press, broadcasting laws, telecommunication law as well as online and data protection laws.

Our media law team is ready to provide you with expert advice on each of these related fields, and keeps abreast of all new developments in the law as the number of different media formats increases.

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