Dr. phil. nat., Dipl.-Phys., Dipl.-Biol.

Dr. Manuel Pescher

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English, German


Diplom Studies in Biology and Physics at the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.


Diplom Thesis Biology (in German):

Structural studies at the light harvesting complex FCPb of the diatom Cyclotella meneghiniana


Covered Methods and Technology were:

- Methods for Isolation and Purification of Membrane Protein Complexes,
- Structural Analysis,
- Electron and Light Microscopy,
- Spectroscopical Measurement Techniques,
- Image Reconstruction Method Single Particle Analysis.


Diplom Thesis Physics (in English):

Molecular dynamics from ps to ms: Implementation, characterisation and application of a system of two synchronised femtosecond lasers


Covered Methods and Technology were:

- RF-Electronics,
- Control Technology and Electronics Driving Laser Systems,
- Control Technology and Electronics Driving Active Optical Elements and Detection in Measurement Setups,
- Mechanics for Experiments.


Doctorates in Physics at Physics Department, Institute of Biophysics at the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt am Main


PhD thesis (in English):

IR spectroscopy covering several time scales: Dynamics of light-switchable biological and biomimetic systems


Covered Methods and Technology were:

- Studying light-switchable catalysts,
- Ultrafast 2D and 1D (Transient) Infrared Laser Spectroscopy,
- Ultrafast UV/Vis – Laser Spektroskopy,
- Steady- State FTIR Spectroscopy,
- Data analysis.


Special fields

Methods in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, e.g. Related to the Areas of 3D-Printing, Catalysis and Structural- or Composition Analysis;

Laboratory-, Measurement- and Analysis-Equipment, e.g. Optical Devices and Optics, Laser, Control Electronics, (Electron-)Microscopy, Centrifuges, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems;

Medicine technology, such as Implants, Medical Devices and Scannes.

European Patent Attorney Trainee and German Patent Attorney Trainee: training covers the whole spectrum of intellectual property law: German, European and international patent law, patent prosecution, prior art searches, trademark law, design law, international patent, trademark and design conventions; supporting participation in the defence and enforcement of intellectual property rights, nationally and internationally. 

Responsibilities: drafts patent application and utility model documents, responses to office actions for the correspondence with German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO) in application proceedings; advice to clients related to correspondence with the GPTO and EPO, e.g. evaluation of office actions; preparation of written pleadings within the framework of law enforcement and defence of intellectual property rights at home and abroad.