The success of a company is based primarily on the good reputation of the goods and services it provides and markets. Specific names, as well as other unique marks, can provide the basis for a company’s trademark rights. Trademark registrations are no longer limited to traditional word-marks and logos, with modern trade mark law allowing a wide vista of possibilities for monopolizing and protecting individual products; such possibilities include the registration of slogans and even 3D trademarks for the commodity form itself.

Our patent and trademark attorneys and lawyers have decades of experience in German, European and International trademark law. We can provide long term support to your business with trademark registrations and branding, and help to secure, maintain and protect your firm’s reputation and the identity and integrity of the goods and services which you offer.

We provide strategic advice covering the full spectrum trademark law, and the individual protection possibilities which this provides. Starting with a preliminary assessment of collision risks with previously registered marks, we manage and administer your Domestic and International trademark applications. We assist you in all aspects of trademark protection accompanying the launch of new products up to, and including, the legal protection of established marks and licensing thereof. This may also encompass the judicial enforcement of injunctive relief (cease and desist orders) from which you are entitled to make damage claims for infringement of your trademarks and brands.

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