The first step towards identifying and defining an invention on paper, is a close and trusting cooperation between inventors and their attorney. It is for this reason that our patent attorneys will always take the time to directly discuss your ideas with you, and the underlying inventive concepts. These are on-going discussions, and will certainly be undertaken before and after drafting of your application, and preferably also during the drafting process. Whenever possible, we welcome the opportunity for an on-site visit to obtain first-hand information about your invention, as well as the further innovations of your company. During such visits we can also respond to any other queries which you might have in connection with inventions: perhaps covering other IP rights, or the German employee invention law. Should you require quick protection for the enforcement of right prior to the grant of your patent, or should you wish to licence your invention – our team of experienced patent attorneys and lawyers can advise and represent you not only with IP filings, but also after the grant of your patent.

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