The financial benefits which are derived by a company from industrial property rights, extend long after the initial grant of a patent or registration of a trademark or design. The crucial issue, however, is whether an exclusive property right can be successfully defended against infringers in court proceedings. This issue lies at the heart of the practical and financial benefits which industrial property rights bestow on their owners, and in particular highlights how such rights can be used as a competitive tool for owners.

Border seizures and preliminary injunctions are available to right owners to provide short term and quick enforcement of protective rights. Indeed, as long as the primarily formal prerequisites are met, these tools can be utilized quickly, efficiently and via streamlined court procedures to enforce your rights against competitors.

Our “in-house litigation team" comprises highly experienced lawyers who work in combination with our patent attorneys to provide combined legal excellence and technical expertise, and to present a powerful and effective partner for your business needs. In this matter – our success rate speaks for itself. 

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