In Germany, competition law is primarily governed by the "Law Against Unfair Competition" (UWG) as well as the extensive case law which has developed on its interpretation.

The purpose of the UWG is to regulate the behaviour of firms whilst performing business, and to ensure fair competition in each market. German Competition Law has been strongly influenced by case law, and a large number of individual court decisions as to the interpretation of the clauses in Sections 1 & 3 of the UWG have been given.

Our legal advice is always geared to the realities of the business world, and encompasses not only the question of what is legally permissible but also the development and implementation of innovative competition concepts which are tailored to the needs of each industry sector. Our competition law team brings a combined experience of many decades in all areas of competition law, with an emphasis on litigating under the competition law regulations.

One particular competence of our team is in civil and criminal defence and in the prosecution of corporate espionage. 

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