Dr. Jasper Werhahn

Expert in the Field of Physics

Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-phys., German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Education and background
Studied biophysics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM);
PhD at the institute for laser physics and ultrafast phenomena, TUM and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA USA as an International Max Planck Research School Fellow;
Postdoc at the TUM, the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics and Columbia University, New York, USA

Technical fields
Applied physics, solid state physics, physical chemistry, biomechanics, optics, laser physics, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, control engineering

Jasper Werhahn works in all fields of industrial property law, particularly patent, trademark and design prosecution. He also has experience in opposition and nullity proceedings and works on complex litigation cases. His field of work also covers the creation of expert opinions on the validity and infringement of IP rights

Widenmayerstr. 47, D - 80538 Munich
Phone: +49-89-2121860, Fax: +49-89-21218670
E-Mail: mail@nospammb.de

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