Heinz-Bernhard Strautmann

Dipl.-Ing. (Mechanical engineering),
Skilled worker (Toolmaker)
Patent attorney,
German and European Trademark and Design Attorney

Toolmaker at Claas OHG, Harsewinkel;
Mechanical engineering at University of Applied Science Cologne;
Law at the Open University of Hagen

Technical Fields
Mechanical engineering, in particular agricultural technology engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and building engineering, sanitary engineering, material processing

Professional Membership
German Patent Attorneys Bar Association; VPP

All matters of Intellectual Property; prosecution of IP rights; patents, utility models, trademarks, design patents; strategic consultation, licencing, litigation and related legal dispute, long-term industry experience on IP matters, with more than 10 years leading positions 

Rolandsmauer 15, D - 49074 Osnabrueck
Phone: +49-541-350610, Fax: +49-541-3506110
E-Mail: mail@nospammeissnerbolte.de

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Patent . Design . Trademark Protection in Europe

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