Can I invent something? – Yes, you can!

Protect industrial innovations for the long term with patents

The best ideas are only as good as their effective legal protection. This is why our work is centred right there - at the core of your invention. Working together with your developers, engineers and co-workers in the R&D divisions, our patent attorneys get to the bottom of your new developments. In cooperation with your experts, we develop a protection strategy for patentable objects and methods that is tailored to the particulars of your branch and the market environment for which your invention might hold out special relevance.

Before we prepare a patent application, we would also be pleased to visualise the innovations of your company on-site; that way, we get to know each other, and together lay the foundation for a trusting and successful cooperation.

Apart from patent law, we also address all other questions you are dealing with relative to inventions and exploiting your rights. Examples include employee inventor law or the licencing of your patents. Even if you require fast protection for a patent or must enforce and defend already granted patents, our patent attorneys and lawyers specialising in patent law are there for you.

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As one of Germany’s leading boutique IP law firms, we provide advice in all areas of intellectual property protection – patent, trademark, design and know-how. From the initial filing of an application, through the prosecution procedure to enforcement by litigation, our aim is to ensure that your inventions and innovation will remain what they are by nature – unique. .